s t r e e t s p a c e

s t r e e t s p a c e is a 7 x 7 inch softcover book, 222 pages in length, containing images shot exclusively with a Motorola RAZR V3i cell phone camera.

The urban metropolis at its very heart is a meeting place of ideas and conversation. It can be tremendously lively or quiet and contemplative. I wanted to create images about modern urban space using the most current popular technology. I wanted the formal beauty of the images to draw the viewer in, and then confront him or her with visual dialogues and forms which draw on our shared experiences.

The sections in this book are arranged in a style which is poetic and deliberate, creating an effective discourse between each pairing. The pictures have a spontaneous quality to them as I found myself moving quickly from spot to spot to capture each fleeting moment.

Using my cell phone (in lieu of the more traditional 35 mm SLR) and only available light, I captured, over a period of ninety-one days, my impressions of the urban landscape – everyday details of streets and public space that might otherwise be overlooked.

The pictures in this book are a selection of the strongest photographs from that original collection. The process has great potential and I find that the more I learn about it, the more interesting the results become.

As the technology of photography continues to progress at an incredibly rapid rate, it opens up alternative methods of producing and disseminating images.

The limitations of the camera phone present many technical flaws that, in truth, I find quite effective and freeing in their own unique ways.

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